Monday, March 21, 2011

First show

I had mt first show of the year this past sat, I have to say I always have a great time at craft shows but this one was soooo...... much fun! I met a ton of wounderful creative people.Not only was my booth space so cool,it was in a high school but in the hallways there are these small cubbies all down the hall so I was lucky to get my own cubbie which was great for my setup!But the other crafters there were so supportive and sweet! comming by to look at jewelry and (purchase)and leave me with a smile everytime and kind words of encouragement.I left the show with a little extra money in my pocket and a ton of inspiration. I am hopeing that this is a sign of how this year is going to be for my jewelry business a start in the right direction? I might even try my hand at some very differnt styles this year and step away from the sterling silver? But I wanted to share my wounderful weekend and hope some of you have the same wounderful experence at a show this year also.

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