Monday, February 28, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Well I am growing very Tired of this weather! I live in new England and have had quiet enough of this snow/rain/ice.Well Its great to look at (from Inside my house)its aweful to go outside in.My farm anilmals I think have had enough also the goats just stay inside there house and they only come out to eat.But the Girls(two female cows)seem to not mind this weather at all?Kinda

funny.So with that being said I am getting ready to do my first show of the year and I am looking forward to it! I just love being among other people that love to make beautiful things.I love to walk by there tables and look at there displays and all there woundeful goods.So here are a couple new pieces I have made you can find more at my etsy store PLEASE SPRING I HOPE YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok so I have this addiction to handbags,the more hippy like the better! So everyday when I am on etsy surfing around I always look for cool kinda funky bags,lord knows I dont need anymore but when I find one I just cant live without I just have to get the other day I stumbled across a store on etsy and I was in love!Plus she was having a sale buy two get one free so guess what? I bo

ught three bags and here they are so wounderful

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Better Than Roses

Now that Valentines day is over!dont get me wrong I do love valentines day,but the pressure to get that someone in your life something they will love sometimes kills me.So I told my husband to write me a letter and tell me what he likes or better yet loves about me. He is a man of few words and usually when he writes it down it is so beautiful. Well he didnt disapoint me his words were wounderful and they ment the world to me.he also suprised me with the most beautiful flowers in the most vibrant shade of pink( my favorite color) I have ever seen, they truley are amazing to look at! His words were truley better than roses!

Friday, February 11, 2011


hello I am running a 20.00 sale for the next month,I am getting ready for a show in march so I need to make room for my new items that I am making if there is any piece that tickles your fancy please stop by and see if it is on sale! here are a couple NEW pieces that I have made.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So as most of you know I sell my jewelry on ETSY, and I know some of you have checked out my stuff but I Dont know if everyone realizes that everything you ever need and want you can find on etsy? I have bought the most amazing body lotion that smells like heaven,I got some awesome mineral eyeshaows from CarinaDolci,I recomend them very nice,Super beautiful clothes from my fav MOUNTIANGIRLCLOTHING,I just had margaret do a custtom sweater for me!beautiful jewelry from so many others like Trickpony awesome gypsy silver hoops.
So many gifts for others so If you get a chance to shop stop by and check out my favorite shops they are all amazing,also My friend Donna just started and she makes the most amazing everything, but mostly she has beautiful hand dyed silk scarves at SewCircle. I truley enjoy selling on etsy but I love buying on there even more!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I wore today

well I was inspired to post a what I wore today from another blog that I fallow. I love mountian girl clothing and I fallow her blog so the other day she posted a what I wore today post. It was so cute and fun so I thought maybe I should do one? well today we are getting the last of a huge winter storm and we are snowed in AGAIN!So as I was getting dressed to face another day

in the house i was like what do I wear today so as always I grabbed my favorites.
the sweatshirt I found at this great artist colabrative in Belfast maine Its my favorite with the owl!
the jeans I got on ebay! I love used jeans they are already broken in.
the artist gloves are from I have three pairs and I wear a pair everyday
the legwarmers are also from I also have a couple more pairs and they truley are wounderful!
these is my favortie go to for warmth and comfort. hope everyone stays warm today.