Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lilly and Lavender

I Just had to show off the new aditions to my life. You see my husband and I live on a small farm we have a couple cows one due any day ,we have three pigs,three goats a hand full of chickens yummy fresh eggs and two crazy dogs.Along with two boys one 11 and one 2.So as you can imagine our lives are very busy. Even as alittle girl we always had lots of aimals I had horses for most of my life. I think people think we are crazy we keep getting more.
So after much pestering my husband agreed to my latest desire and boy did these two little bundles of joy make me smile so please meet lilly and lavender my two new baby bunnies they are one month old and so friendly they love to be cuddled.
there is a funny story on how I got these two wounderful new loves lets just say my husband saved a neighbors pigs that had escaped!! So when we wouldnt take any money from them we just hope someone would do the same for us? they told us they had some baby bunnies that needed a home and I said YES!!! I will give them a good home.So they are now lives at pointed rock farm and I couldnt be happier