Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baltimore / killer trash

This past weekend my husband and I headed to baltimore Md To have what we hope is becoming a yearly visit with some dear friends.Everytime I go somewhere I always find neat places to go.But with Baltimore there are soooo... many I cant keep track.As always we walk around and see all the beautiful building and eat all the great food!!!Our friends take us everywhere and we soak it all in we love it.So I wanted to share some of my cool finds from Baltimore.One Place really sticks out in my head,I am always looking for different unique stores to wander into.Well last year we walked by this store with wierd crazy things in the window.the sign said KILLER TRASH,well from that moment on I was dying to go in there,well they were closed last year by the time we tried to wander back.So my mission this year was to go there.My friend and I made it there tis year and it was so crazy cool with super fun stuff every where.I wish I had more time we got there just a few min before they closed but in that short time I managed to find some awesome finds.
I found this great sick shirt with a fitted bottom leopard print LOVE IT,I got this ,big sparkly peace sign neckless so much fun,and of course I love bags I got a super fun leopard tote bag that is going to have a very long life with me! so if you ever get a chance to go to Baltimore eat lots of crab!yummy drink lots of beer, and go to fells point and find killer trash!

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