Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Move , Bella Designs

I feel like its been a while since I have posted anything here,the reason is when I am not making jewelry I am at my hair salon cutting hair.But my salon is going to move!!I am very excited so we are renovatining right now we own a house that we rent out and there has been a salon in there for many years,we even heard that a famous girl group from ww2 used to get there hair done by one of the original owners.We are not sure when the house was built because in 1935 the town hall burned down so all records before then are gone.My husband has owned the house since 1997 and when we remolded one of the downstairs apartments,we found some letters from ww2 a soldier writing to his love with some pics so cool they were in the wall. I really love the vintage look so thats my goal for the new salon a vintage vib.I am going to frame some of those old letters and pics to put up in the shop.
So I will keep you posted,plus along with my new shop is a new jewelry line also.I have been wanting to make some vintage inspired pieces for a while.So Bella Designs is in the works now I am still going to make my silver jewelry but I have decided to try something new.I cant wait to so off pics of the new salon and jewelry line.