Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I wore today

well I was inspired to post a what I wore today from another blog that I fallow. I love mountian girl clothing and I fallow her blog so the other day she posted a what I wore today post. It was so cute and fun so I thought maybe I should do one? well today we are getting the last of a huge winter storm and we are snowed in AGAIN!So as I was getting dressed to face another day

in the house i was like what do I wear today so as always I grabbed my favorites.
the sweatshirt I found at this great artist colabrative in Belfast maine Its my favorite with the owl!
the jeans I got on ebay! I love used jeans they are already broken in.
the artist gloves are from I have three pairs and I wear a pair everyday
the legwarmers are also from I also have a couple more pairs and they truley are wounderful!
these is my favortie go to for warmth and comfort. hope everyone stays warm today.