Friday, March 9, 2012


I have been trying to put more time into my jewelry again,life,work have gotten in the way lately.I have two kids and a small farm and i own a hair salon that I work at part time so offten my jewelry gets put on the back burner and by the time I have time to work on it I am soooooo.......tired. So part of my new years res was to really put moretime into what makes me so very happy.
so today I posted a couple new pieces on etsy and when my three year old was taking a nap I when out side to take pics and next thing I knew i was surrounded by my chickens they are very curious. But I managed to get a couple pic.
they run free in our yard and are very friendly so when ever someone is out side they come running over to check things my chickens!boy this warm weather has felt so wounderful I sure hope it continues.Happy S


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  1. It sounds like you've got a lot in the go! Your jewelry is so pretty & romantic love the first necklace pictured :)